Together we stand against #periodpoverty

Did you know that an estimated 3 out of 10 girls in South Africa miss several school days every month because of their period?

The main reason for this harsh reality is that many young girls grow up in poverty and can’t afford the necessary sanitary products, or they are being raised by relatives that aren’t educated enough about sanitary hygiene. Instead, these girls stay away from school and can’t fully participate in academics, various sports, and other extracurricular activities.

In a world where we are currently facing so many other obstacles when it comes to education, Ackermans believes that period poverty should not be one of them and that every woman should have access to sanitary products as a basic human right.

Staying true to our aim to bring value to the lives of our community, Ackermans is launching a Sanitary Pad Initiative for Women’s Month and will be supporting The Cora Project to provide underprivileged girls with sanitary pads.

During August, we are running a campaign to raise awareness and help fight period poverty in South Africa with our #YouBuyOneWeGiftOne Sanitary Pad Initiative. This means that throughout the month of August, for every sanitary pack you buy at Ackermans, we will gift a sanitary pack to a girl in need.

With this campaign, we aim to help girls in need by giving them access to the proper period protection and to help remove the negative stigma surrounding periods. We want to normalise period talk amongst women and prevent them from being stripped of their dignity or having to miss school because they’re menstruating. Not having access to proper sanitary products can have a big impact on young women’s long-term social-economic activities and we want to help them overcome this obstacle.

This Women’s Month join us by showing your support by purchasing any pack of sanitary towels at your nearest Ackermans store.