Embracing Confidence and Comfort: Ackermans Period Panties

Your period protection should be easy and reliable.

Newsflash for the ladies, Ackermans has launched its latest campaign, featuring a game-changing product designed to revolutionize your period experience: Period Panties. While period panties may not be entirely new to the market, we want to highlight the convenience, affordability, and incredible benefits of Ackermans’ Period Panties. Get ready to embrace your periods with confidence, comfort, and ultimate leak protection!

Why are Ackermans’ Period Panties a must-have?

  1. Leak protection
  2. Absorbency
  3. Breathable
  4. Comfort

The Ackermans Period Panties Campaign

To further support the credibility of our Period Panties, we partnered with three incredible content creators, Carissa Cupido, Sibulele Gxasheka and L&K Wellness Hub to bring the Period Panties to life. The ladies crafted engaging content that amplifies the convenience, affordability, leakproof protection, absorbency, breathability, and comfort of Ackermans’ Period Panties. Together, we aim to break societal taboos, empower women to feel confident during their periods, and redefine the narrative surrounding menstrual hygiene.

Carissa Cupido: Embracing Freedom and Self-Assurance

Carissa Cupido, a vibrant content creator and advocate for self-confidence, joins us on this journey. “The confidence in knowing that I can slip a pair of @ackermans_za period panties on and go about my day with my best foot forward is unmatched. No interruptions of needing to change as often or worse, leaking through my clothes! It is the kind of carefree living every period haver should have the option of picking,” says Carissa. Her content beautifully captures the essence of our campaign, inspiring women to feel free, comfortable, and assured during their menstrual cycle.

Sibulele Gxasheka: Breaking Taboos and Empowering Conversations

Sibulele Gxasheka, a fearless influencer and advocate for breaking menstrual taboos, has joined forces with Ackermans to foster open and empowering conversations around periods. She tried the Period Panties throughout her entire 5-day period and was amazed by their performance. ‘They are super comfortable and hold so much fluid! Such a great and reliable protection method for my long days and nights,’ said Sibulele. Through her creative content, she highlights the convenience and leakproof nature of our Period Panties. By addressing common concerns and encouraging open dialogue, empowers women to feel comfortable discussing their periods and embracing our game-changing product.

L&K Wellness: Prioritizing Comfort and Wellness

L&K Wellness partnered with Ackermans to put the Period Panties to the test and highlighted how our panties prioritise leak protection and absorbency, promoting women’s well-being. The duo’s content shows how the panties allowed them to integrate their fitness and gym routines while on their cycle. “As a gym girl, this helps you feel free to go about your daily gym routine while being comfortable and with peace of mind knowing that no leakages will occur,” they said, speaking to the convenience of the product, and reminding us that taking care of ourselves during our periods is essential.

Asking yourself how you will wash them?

It is as easy as one, two, three…

And for the rest?

With Ackermans’ Period Panties, your period experience will never be the same again. Say goodbye to worries and discomfort and say hello to a new level of confidence and convenience. Experience a hassle-free and comfortable period every month with Ackermans’ Period Panties. We have got you covered at every step.

We are inviting all ladies to join us on this journey of embracing confidence and comfort. Visit our stores or explore our online collection to discover your comfortable and reliable period solution.

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