5 Life lessons we can learn from children

As parents, we’re likely to spend years trying to teach our children valuable life lessons, but have you ever considered what you might learn from them along the way? Children have an amazing way of looking at the world that grown-ups could adopt and use to re-evaluate their lives for the better. Here are 5 life lessons you can learn from your kids.

Don’t worry so much about what others think

Sing at the top of your lungs in the middle of a crowded restaurant? Why not. Dance even though there’s no music playing? Go ahead! Want to wear a tutu to the grocery store? Do it! You might get a few weird looks from strangers but imagine how freeing it would be to live your life with so few inhibitions?

Be fearless

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Remember the days when you’d happily leap off the top of a jungle gym without any worry of hurting yourself? Grown-ups tend to be risk averse and it stops us from fully embracing life’s opportunities in the same way kids do. So, take the leap, live fearlessly and grab new experiences and opportunities with both hands!

Be the hero

Kids think the world revolves around them – and there’s a valuable lesson to be learnt from that. Remember that you’re the main character in the story of your life so put yourself first for a change: make decisions based on what’s right for you and stop spending so much time worrying about everyone else.

Be curious

Toddlers have been known to ask ‘why’ upwards of 47 000 times a day and while we’re not suggesting you do that, you can embrace the sentiment behind this behaviour. Be naturally curious in the same way a child is – can you imagine how many things you don’t know? Like, why do you have two eyes if you only see one picture? How much does the earth weigh? How do flies walk on the ceiling?

Remember to play

All work and no play not only make you dull, but you’ll end up exhausted, too. Children learn through play, and grown-ups can too – it’s also been proven to be good for your mood and creativity. Having fun will probably make you more effective when you do eventually get back to work, so let your hair down and have some fun!