The best advice for new parents

More than anything else, new parents need love and support from those around them, which is why we’ve put together this list of the best advice for new parents, by other parents.

Take lots of pictures. The first few weeks with a baby are busy and exhausting. Don’t forget to take photos to help you remember the good moments.

You don’t have to do everything yourself. Sink full of dishes? If a friend or family member offers to cook you dinner, clean your home or watch the baby while you have a bath, say yes!

Having a newborn can be scary. It might take you some time to settle into, and feel comfortable in, your new role. Take comfort knowing that billions of parents have done this before you… and they’ve survived.

You DON’T need to ‘bounce back’. Forget about losing any weight you gained during pregnancy. What your body really needs right now is rest, nourishment and to be looked after. You’ve done the most incredible thing in growing and birthing a human.

Don’t compare your baby to others. Every baby develops at their own pace and if your baby’s doctor or nurse is happy with their progress, you should be too.

It’s okay if breastfeeding isn’t easy in the beginning. It’s new for both you and baby so give yourselves time to figure it out – and see a lactation specialist if you need to.

You can’t ‘spoil’ a baby by holding them too much. Enjoy all the cuddles and bonding – it’s good for you and baby.

Remember that if you’re even worrying about trying to be a good parent, then congratulations, that means you already ARE a good parent!