Ackermans Awarded Kasi Star Brands Status

Ackermans was recently voted one of SA’s no. 1 township brands and attained Kasi Star Brands Status by the 2022/2023 Ask Afrika Kasi Star Brands Benchmark.

Kasi Star Brands are brands weaved into the fabric of our vibrant South African townships and used most loyally by these consumers who voted with their wallets.

What are Kasi Brands?

Kasi Star Brands are brands that are chosen repeatedly by South Africa’s township consumers, irrespective of their background or living standard. These are brands that define a common experience, to which South Africa’s township consumers are committed to. The majority of these consumers put their money where their mouths are to demonstrate this commitment. Kasi Star Brands are weaved into the fabric of our vibrant South African townships.

It rewards brands that have generated critical township mass in their categories and have built a high level of loyalty amongst township consumers at the same time.

South Africans create Kasi Star Brands

A robust sample of 8 520 South African township consumers that represent over 11’000’000 consumers have voted with their wallets and hearts. The survey employed an enumerated area sampling design, and the universe includes all communities with more than 8 000 inhabitants, 15 years+. The definition of the Kasi consumer, as defined in this study, is a respondent that is a Kasi resident, with an SEL between 3-5 and no postgraduate qualification (Economics of South-African Townships, 2014). Kasi Star brands scores were calculated based on metrics that weigh solus usage above general usage. Each category was rated by respondents who have made use of the category within the last 3 months, or for more expensive / long-term goods, within a period of 12 months. The survey measures brands across hundreds of sub product categories.

Ackermans Category Winners

In 2022 a total of 133 categories were measured and these winners take the lead in the township market against other competitors in their prospective industries with 34 gaining Platinum status in 2022. A total of 55 Kasi brands and 133 category winners will celebrate their winning status.

We are very proud to have attained Kasi Star Brands Status by being awarded the category winner for Clothing Retail Women as well as the Kasi Star Brand and Category Winner for Clothing Retail Children.

At Ackermans, our customers have always been at the heart of our story for over 100 years. Receiving Kasi Star Status is an incredible achievement and motivates us as a brand to keep striving to improve our offerings and serve our loyal communities. We want to thank each and every customer who has voted for us and we promise that we will keep uphold the high standards we have set for ourselves. Ackermans is truly committed to continuously serve the community by adding value to our customers’ lives and by always going that extra mile.