Making those first steps matter

As your baby grows, there are many ‘firsts’ and we know that each of those moments are very precious to you as a parent. One of the most exciting milestones that you will celebrate with your little one is his or her first steps!

Apart from warning you that you’ll probably spend a lot of your time chasing after them while they’re exploring on foot, we want to help moms and dads to embrace proper footwear for those tiny feet that will help to ensure proper posture for their future. Ackermans’ affordable My First Steps footwear range does just that while protecting your baby’s little feet from hard or unsafe terrain outside and other elements that might cross their way.

Approved by a Podiatrist, these shoes are designed for toddlers on the move and to cushion your toddler’s feet while they’re developing. Here are the top 5 design benefits of Ackermans’ ‘My First Steps’ footwear range.

Shoe Opening
Parents know that it can be quite the struggle to convince your toddler to allow you to put on their shoes. With this range’s wide shoe opening, you and your little one will both enjoy the benefit of easy foot access and dress up time will be quick and free from frustration.

To make sure that your little one doesn’t lose or kick-off their shoes, the ‘My First Steps’ range has easily adjustable fastenings for a secure fit that stays on when your toddler is on the move.

Arch support
Enjoy extra comfort and support with arch support. This is all about making sure that the softest part of your baby’s foot is supported to allow them to move around and grow freely.

‘My First Steps’ range offers a non-slip flexible outsole for extra help on the move. The shoes hold little feet gently and grip the ground too so that baby stands firm and won’t slip.

Padding offers that extra comfort support for your baby’s feet. Only the most comfortable and breathable materials are used to make ‘My First Steps’ shoes. This way, the shoes are gentle enough on baby’s feet but durable enough to withstand busy little feet.

Making the walking experience safe but exciting should be every parent’s top priority. Ackermans’ ‘My First Steps’ shoes are created with flexible, lightweight soles and easy-to-adjust fastenings for a secure fit, and a wide opening means your toddler can slip in or out of their shoes quickly and easily.

Head to your nearest Ackermans’ store today to get your pair of our My First Steps’ range that will help your little one to walk, play and explore with ease, proper support, and comfort.