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We continued our series ‘We know moms because we are moms” and chatted to new mom Nondumiso Mbingo of New Mom Diaries about fashion for our little babies. Nondumiso (Ndumy) is a first-time mom to a little girl born at the beginning of this year. Her profile covers parenting, lifestyle, the journey that is motherhood along with the products that Nondumiso (and her baby) love.

 If you missed the LIVE session or just want a recap of what our moms shared, you can read all about it below (also see link to view the session at the bottom of the post).

Nare Moloto (Baby Merchandise Planning Manager at Ackermans): So, the reason why we asked her to talk to us today is because she is a fashionista. So basically, we wanted to hear from her side as to what she dresses her baby in. Ndumi, could you just share a little bit more about your daughter and why the love of fashion for your little ones?

Nondumiso Mbingo (Ndumy): My name is Nondumiso Mbingo and I have a 10-month-old baby girl. Her name is Neoentlemeaning beautiful gift. The meaning behind my daughter’s name is because I had been wanting to have a baby, so for me, she was just a beautiful, beautiful gift. And I then decided to start a blog called New Mom Diaries because I would normally share my frustrations about things that I go through as a new mom on social media. And then I was seeing that there are other moms who are going through the same things, so one day I decided, you know what, let me actually write about it. And I got the perfect engagement and it’s just wonderful.

NM: That’s really, really exciting. I’m really happy to have you here. If you could just share with us as to what is on your radar to add to your baby’s fashion wardrobe this summer?

Ndumy: The must-have for the summer is rompers. I love, love, love the rompers. They are so cool and stylish, and the cotton is just perfect. And you know, it’s been very, very hot these days so I love the convenience of the poppers at the bottom. The finishing lines on the clothing is just amazing. Ackermans has the best styles when it comes to those rompers. One of the things that I loved about that is that they came in the three pack. And by that time, when I went, it was R115 for the three pack and that was just a bargain for me, so I had to get it. And my daughter has just been wearing those rompers all the time. That’s what I love about Ackermans’ style, fashion – everything is just top-notch.

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NM:  And what else do you love? What are the things that, you know, it just makes you happy to buy for your daughter?

Ndumy: Okay. So, I was very happy to see there’s a pleated set that Ackermans just introduced. I mean, for me, it’s a mini-me because I can actually rock something like that. And my daughter is so stylish, it is so stylish for church and for parties. It is just amazing. They have the cutest pleated sets. The Navy one is my go-to. I love it so much. The quality of the top is just amazing and it’s out of this world. You can match that top with jeans as well, maybe on colder days, you know, cause the leggings tends to be a bit lighter sometimes. So, I really loved that. They introduced that style just to incorporate a bit of adults’ fashion in those baby outfits. So, I really, really was excited to see the new incorporation and the new wardrobe.

NM:  And what are other musthaves for summer?

Ndumy: So, I’ve noticed that a lot of mommies like just matching outfits, you know, top to bottommatching. So, I love that there’s that option at Ackermans, you can also just mix and match. I mean, what’s not to love about that? And then you can add your little sandals, those cute sandals for babies, they have white ones, and you can also just add a ribbon here and there. Some stores have them, some outfits have them, they come with the outfit as a set.

Turbans is also a must have, I have those in all colours because I’m so obsessed with them. So that’s a must have, especially in the summer, you can have those and have your matching shoes, your shorts, your dresses, your rompers. I mean, I always go back to the rompers because for me, my daughter just loves something that is just pretty on her body because she quickly gets heated. She doesn’t like all those complicated clothing, so I love love the rompers and you can wear them with the headband and the sandals.

Before giving birth, in preparation I went to Ackermans and I got those sets and they had them – the socks, the leggings, the top, they had a bib, you know? So that whole set it’s like, it’s a five set. It was just so convenient for me. I think I bought that in three colours in, yes, I loved that. I had that in three different colours, and it was so convenient for me because she’s so small and it’s so warm. It’s so cute. And you know, it was just amazing for me. The cotton was just amazing on her skin. And one of the things that I really love about the clothing from Ackermans, is my baby suffers from eczema, so I’m very careful when it comes to the quality of clothing, you know? I go back to Ackermans because the clothes have just been good on her, even after a few washes, it doesn’t deteriorate. It’s just amazing.

NM:  What keeps you going to Ackermans?

Ndumy: Well, as I’ve mentioned before, the quality of the clothing is amazing. You know, right now things are expensive. Life is expensive. So, you have to have something that just lasts you for a little while and after a few washes, they’re still in good condition. So, I love, love that about Ackermans clothing. The cotton is amazing. Another thing is the mix and match. I love fashion, so I love that I can find something in the baby clothing aisle that I can also match and look cute with my baby, for church or for going out. That’s another thing that I love and then I love the two or three pack clothing – it’s just amazing. It’s convenient. I can never have enough of baby clothes, so the pricing is just amazing on those things. And I have not, at the moment, see anything comparing to Ackermans prices. So that’s what I love about it most.

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Happy summer fashion shopping!

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