The do’s and don’ts of shapewear

Silhouette shapers provide the extra support, shape and contouring to pull off your favourite looks with confidence. But you need to choose support that matches your body type and outfit – and to wear your shapewear correctly.

Ackermans shapewear



DON’T: Pull your shapewear up only halfway. This creates unsightly bulges that defeat the purpose of achieving a neat shaping effect.


do's & don't'sDO: Pull it all the way up to the smallest part of your waist, so it sits comfortably and provides maximum shaping.



DON’T: Wear a size smaller. Squeezing yourself in won’t make you look slimmer – in fact, the opposite. You’ll not only be uncomfortable, but the tightness will affect your posture and create unattractive bulges instead of smoothing and shaping the areas you want to improve.

DO: Buy the correct size. You’ll know it’s right because it’ll fit you comfortably while it lifts, shapes and contours you in all the right places. Choose the same size as your current underwear to ensure it fits perfectly and offers maximum support.

DON’T: Think shapewear can reduce weight or dress size. Having unrealistic expectations will only lead to disappointment and dent your confidence.

DO: Appreciate your body regardless of its shape. Remember that the purpose of shapewear is to accentuate and flatter your figure by smoothing out bulges and lifting and shaping your body.

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