Common lingerie mistakes and how to avoid them

A white bra goes with a white top, right? And as for panties, surely any decent pair will do? Actually, it’s a no to both of these! We identify and provide solutions for some frequent underwear errors:

Choosing the wrong fabric style

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While lacy bralettes and other lacy styles are gorgeous, lightweight and unrestrictive but they leave a fabric imprint when worn under light fabrics, which can be distracting.
Solution: A good T-shirt bra.

Wearing the wrong colour

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Your instinct may be to wear a white bra under a white T-shirt or blouse. After all, it seems logical to match your bra to your top, so it doesn’t show. But there’s one major flaw in that belief – a bright white bra contrasts with the colour of your skin and stands out under your shirt.

What to choose instead

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Pair white T-shirts and other light fabrics with a nude-coloured bra. A neutral bra that matches your skin tone will essentially “disappear” under your top. The right type of nude colour for you is the one that’s closest to your complexion.

Bonus: Seam vs seamfree

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Think all panties do the same job? Think again. Just like your bra, choosing the right colour and style is essential for panties too – especially when wearing form-fitting pants. Remember that a small-cut panty with seams can leave an embarrassing panty line.

Ackermans bras
Avoid unsightly panty lines with seamfree brief panties that are great for everyday wear with no bulky seams or edges. Wear them under figure-hugging skirts or dresses.

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