Choose the best-fitting lingerie fit to make you feel great

Wearing the wrong-sized lingerie can affect the way your clothes fit. But did you know that it can also have a negative impact on your health? Neck, back and shoulder pain are common in women wearing the wrong size of lingerie. These can in turn cause headaches and put strain on your muscles.

To feel and look your best, comfort is key. So, it’s important to choose properly sized lingerie that lifts, shapes and contours you in all the right places.

4 ways to know your lingerie fits correctly:

1. The bra cups fully enclose your breasts without any bulges on the sides or gaps underneath. This gives you peace of mind while your lingerie does its job of supporting and shaping.
2. The straps don’t slip or dig into your shoulders (if they do, try adjusting them). You’ll feel more at ease when you don’t have to constantly fidget with your straps.
3. The underband is firm but comfortable (the band that goes around your back and is the main source of support from your bra). When you feel comfortable, you can go about your day with to confidence.
4. It stays in place without riding up or digging into your body. Well-fitting lingerie offers you all the support you need, without compromising on comfort.

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