Three reasons to love your bra

Wearing a good-quality, well-fitted bra affects more than just the overall look of your outfit; it’s also essential for your comfort, general health and wellbeing.
Here are three reasons to love your bra.

  1. Shapes your bust

A good bra is made up of elements that combine to give you the best shape. The underwires, straps, padding and the actual style determine the type of silhouette the bra will create. Click to read a quick guide to decoding all your favourite bras for the shape you want.

  1. Provides support

Did you know that breasts have no muscles? If your breasts aren’t properly supported, the weight pulls downward, causing backache, sore shoulders and major strain on your throat and even facial tissue. A bra with ample support helps the surrounding muscles, which in turn improves your posture, blood circulation and general wellbeing.

  1. Increases confidence

Wearing the right bra enhances the fit of your clothing so you feel better about your appearance. A comfortable, supportive and properly fitting bra will make a difference to the way you carry yourself, boost your self-esteem and make you feel great all around.

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Photography: Shavan Rahim; Styling: Chernelle Wilson; Model: Ruth/TOPCO