Back to school: Tips to remember during a pandemic

The beginning of the year for families with school-going children is usually marked by lots of excitement and preparation. But with the Covid-19 global pandemic still making its presence felt, this usually happy time of the year has turned out to be a little more stressful.
Here’s how to prepare for going back to school during a pandemic.

Know what to expect

The law requires all schools to put COVID-19 safety measures in place. Check with your child’s school or refer to school communication so you and your child can become familiar with these rules and changes. For example, some schools have moved lessons from the classroom to the school hall to better practise social distancing. Find out what’s going to change at school and explain it to your child ahead of time.

Prepare and practise

Wearing masks is compulsory, but not all masks offer the same comfort and quality. Find the most comfortable reusable mask for your child at your nearest Ackermans store and keep extras on hand for when it’s in the wash or in case it goes missing.

Before schools reopen, here are ways to prepare and a couple of things to chat about:
• Practise thorough handwashing with your child, remembering to wash all fingers as well as the wrists
• Encourage frequent hand sanitising and provide your child with their own bottle of sanitiser in their school bag or jacket. Shop for sanitisers in various sizes at Ackermans stores nationwide.
• Replace lunchboxes with sandwich wrappers, such as foil, wax wrap, cling wrap or Ziploc bags, to avoid bringing items from school back home.
• Discourage physical contact, including hugging and holding hands with friends, and emphasise the dangers of sharing personal items, such as stationery and water bottles.

Draw up an after-school safety routine

  • Wash hands immediately after returning home from school
  • Then change out of school uniform and wash the body to protect other family members.


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