Buying her first bra: the basics

Puberty can be a challenging and exciting milestone. Lots of changes take place and it’s at this stage when a girl is going to need her first bra. The earliest sign of puberty is the development of breast ‘buds’ under the nipple. As with all milestones, not all children are the same, and the age at which your daughter requires her first bra can vary quite widely.
Here’s what to consider when that important day arrives:


Bras come in different styles and each one has its purpose. Learn more about the different styles here. The T-shirt bra is often considered to be a good first bra because it’s lightly padded and made of soft-touch fabric for all-day comfort.


Wearing the wrong-sized bra can be uncomfortable and affect the way clothes fit. When you find the right bra from our Perfect Fit range, it’ll provide maximum comfort and boost your daughter’s confidence. Plus, she won’t have to be pulling and adjusting her bra straps.

Follow this easy guide to getting the correct bra measurements.

Image: Gallo/Getty