4 Lessons 2020 taught us

The year 2020 will go down in history as being one of the most challenging in recent history. All over the globe, families had to adjust to a new way of life as the COVID-19 pandemic demanded that we do things differently.
As tough as it may have been, there is plenty to learn and adopt from the year dubbed “twenty plenty”.

  1. Flexibility

In late March 2020, we quickly learnt to adapt to wearing masks and sanitising – proof that we are capable of forming new and healthy habits quickly. Working from home and home schooling taught us that new routines are challenging but practice does make perfect.

  1. Resilience

Every challenge faced in 2020 taught us that even at our lowest points, we can push through it. Creating to-do lists, eating healthier foods, reaching out to loved ones, going for a walk, limiting news reports, basking in the sun, and even napping – these are some of the healthy coping mechanisms many relied on to get through tough times. In the new year, take time to think of more positive methods to rely on when down or under pressure.

  1. Creativity

Baking bread, making pizza from scratch, setting up office space in your home and recycling old clothes to make into fabric masks – these are some of the ways we unleashed our creative side during the hard lockdown. The satisfying feeling of accomplishment after completing a creative task is one we should aim to practise willingly. But more importantly, aim to always tackle challenges creatively.

  1. Gratitude

Even though much has been lost, plenty remains that you can be grateful for. Supportive friends and family, employment, patient teachers, dedicated health care workers and essential workers, access to food and water, a comfortable and safe home and good health are just some of the things we can be grateful for and should never lose sight of.

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Images: Getty/Gallo