How to best take care of schoolwear

Taking proper care of your child’s schoolwear will make it last and look its best for longer.

Here are 5 tips to help you:

1. Follow the care instructions on the label

Garments are made from different types of fabric that require a specific care process. The most common care instructions are:

Cool wash: Wash clothing in cooler water (30 degrees Celsius or less). By doing this clothing is less likely to shrink of fade.

Do not bleach: Do not use bleach when washing.

Cool iron: Iron clothing using one of the lowest settings.

Do not dry clean: The garment is not suitable for dry cleaning.

Do not tumble dry: Do not use a tumble dryer – hang garments out to dry.

2. Wash before wear

This is good to get rid of any excess fibres that can cause pilling. It will also make the garment more comfortable to wear.

3. Prepare before you wash

Open buttons and close zips before you wash the garments to prevent these getting caught on other pieces of clothing during the washing and causing damage.

4. Wash inside out

Washing garments inside out helps reduce pilling and makes the colour last longer.

5. Sorting

If possible, try to wash garments of the same fabric and colour together, as these will have similar caring instructions.


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Image: Shavan Rahim