Why shapewear is a staple for every body shape

Every great outfit starts with a good foundation. Shapewear can improve posture, enhance your figure and boost your confidence. Celebrating all body shapes, our range is designed with every women’s wants and needs in mind. Whether you are slim or curvy, there is shapewear that will suit you!

Three reasons why every woman should own shapewear:

  1. Shapewear provides maximum curve creation and support. Whether you want to streamline unflattering areas for a better fit or create the illusion of curves, it can help you.
  2. Specific shapewear provides additional bust support. Look for shapewear that ends just under the bust, because with a good bra it can create a seamless silhouette.
  3.  The flexible straps on a shapewear cami or a bodysuit gently support your back and improve your posture. Soft, stretchable material offers comfort while you go about your day.

Choose the right shape for your shape

The all-in-one bodysuit is ideal for enhancing your already perfect shape when wearing a dress. It will provide all-over support, creating a smooth, bump-free figure. If you are apple- or hour-glass shape, this is perfect for you.

A seamless cami is great to wear under sheer tops as it gives you the perfect covering but with the smoothing benefits of shapewear and will even remind you to correct your posture. Rectangular-shaped ladies, try this as you often lack definition in your shape. The cami gives you a waistline and the illusion of curves.

Pear-shaped ladies usually have a slim waist and curvier bottom. The shapewear longleg will tone and contour from the tummy to the thigh.

Now that you have a more in-depth understanding of shapewear, have a look at our latest fashion and get dressing to look fabulous. Also read more about our seamless and shapewear ranges here.

Model: Ruth/Topco
Photographer: Shavan Rahim/New Media
Hair & Make-up: Stacy Robinson artistry