The multiway bra

The multiway bra is a  wardrobe all-rounder that every woman should have. It’s made with removable straps so you can wear it the way you prefer. Here are our 4 basic ways to style this versatile bra.

Multiway bra 1One shoulder
Smooth, padded cups give you a modest lift while keeping your natural shape.
How: Remove one strap completely and keep the other strap in place. This style complements one-shoulder tops and fashionable party dresses.


Multiway bra 2Strapless
Like many women, you may be nervous to wear a bra without strap support – especially if you have a fuller bust. But don’t worry, the underwire contours to your shape and anti-slip tape around the cups ensures your bra stays in place comfortably.
How: Simply remove both straps. Perfect for feminine boob-tube dresses or bandeau tops.


multiway bra 3Criss-cross
You no longer have to expose your bra straps when wearing a racerback tank top. The elasticated straps keep the bra sturdy, yet comfortable, and hold your bust in place without feeling too tight or restricted.
How: With both straps hooked in at the front, remove the straps from the back hooks. Next take the straps and overlay them in a criss-cross position and hook them in on the opposite sides to what they are in front.


multiway bra 4Standard 2-strap
Keep the straps as is (hooked in at the front and back) and wear it with your favourite fashion T-shirt, T-shirt dress or short sleeved top. Available in a variety of colours, styles and sizes – we now offer selected styles up to a G-cup!



Follow our bra tips to find your perfect fit:.

  • Shoulder straps should sit comfortably without feeling loose or cutting into your skin.
  • The band should fit across your back and not ride up or push into your skin. If you can fit two fingers comfortably between your back and band then you’re wearing the right size.
  • Cups should mould to the shape of your bust without gaps or spillage.


Also watch our How to Find Your Perfect Fit Bra video to find out your bra size:


Credits: Photographer: Shavan Rahim/NMP; Model: Ruth/Topco; Hair and make-up: Stacy Robinson Artistry; Stylist and writer: Chernelle Wilson