How to take care of your bras

The secret to a great outfit starts with a good bra. To look good in your clothing, you want a bra that supports, shows you off best and helps your posture. But you don’t want to have to replace your bras too often. We have a few tips to take care of your bras, so they last longer:

Wash occasionally

How many times do you wear a bra before washing it? Experts recommend that you wash it after two or three wears. However, if you’ve been active or sweated, wear your bra only once before washing.

Hand washing is best

Bent underwires and stretched-out straps are a common problem when you put your bras in the washing machines. It’s best to soak them separately for a few minutes before hand washing. But if you must machine wash, place your bras in a mesh lingerie bag to prevent straps from getting tangled and stretched out. Then choose the gentlest wash option on your machine.

Drip dry

After washing bras, wring gently to avoid damaging wires and drip dry on the washing line – never dry bras in a dryer as this damages the elastics. When hanging, avoid stretching and don’t hang by the straps. Instead, hang the bra from the middle and let the cups fall on either side of the line. Or flat-dry your bra on a towel.

Never fold

The way you store your bras can affect how long they will last. Folding bras by placing one cup into another is a no-no. It leads to dented, creased, or misshapen cups. Rather lay the bras flat in a drawer so they keep their shape. Don’t have much drawer space in your cupboards? Lay your bras in a large shoe box instead.

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Images: Shavan Rahim, New Media.