Drive-by baby shower

Even though small gatherings are now allowed, drive-by baby showers are still the trend. At the arranged time guests can drive past to drop off their gifts and offer their congratulations to the mom-to-be. It is a great way to celebrate this joyous occasion without breaking social distancing rules!

Here’s just a quick checklist to plan the perfect drive-by party:

  • Get the word out to family and friends but remember that you have to limit the numbers
  • Give guests a specific time, tell them where to park, and briefly explain the social distancing rules
  • Decorate the front door of the home or any outside area with balloons and other festive accessories
  • Set all snacks on a tray from which guests can help themselves
  • Take lots of photos and video clips (remember to follow the social distancing rules) to share with the mom-to-be afterwards to remind her how loved she is
  • Most important is to make it special for the mom-to-be. Ask attendees to crank up her favourite song as they pass, wear a costume that will make her laugh or hang a celebratory sign from your car window