The benefits of wearing the right bra size

Wearing the wrong-sized bra can have a negative impact on your health and the way your clothes fit. Ailments such as neck, back and shoulder pain are common in women wearing the wrong bra size. This in turn causes headaches and puts strain on your muscles.

Did you know that breasts have no muscles? If not supported correctly, the weight pulls downward, causing major strain on your throat and facial tissue. The reason why ample support is needed is to help the surrounding muscles in your body to create good posture, and good blood circulation.
When you have good posture, your overall health improves because your muscles are working correctly. Also, your body’s circulation is pumping blood and cells exactly where it needs to be. With a female frame, it all starts with the right-sized bra.

When your bra fits you properly, you’ll notice a positive change in your breathing, posture and energy levels. This is a win-win situation all round!That’s why you need a bra that fits you properly. Here is an easy guide:

Part of the band

The band (the part that holds the bra together) is extremely important because it provides the bulk of the support. It has to fit firm but comfortable and shouldn’t ride up the back.


Your breasts should fit comfortably in the cups and not spill out the sides or the front. Gapes tell you your cup size is too big.

Strap up

Bra straps work with the band to ensure optimum support. Tight straps that leave red marks or cut into your skin are a no-no. The straps shouldn’t be slipping off either.
When shopping for a bra, try on different styles until you find the one you feel most comfortable in, not the one that’s the most stylish. When you find the perfect one, build your bra wardrobe by getting different colours.

Find Your Perfect Fit bra

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