3 beauty trends to try this spring

Bright skin, perfect brows and manicured nails are spring essentials – and you’ll find all the products you need at your nearest Ackermans store!

1. Skin

Want to step out for spring with bright and glowing skin? Facial masks are a great and easy way to get your skin looking its best. Choose from cream, clay, gel or sheet masks to best suit your skin’s need. Sheets masks are the latest beauty craze – convenient, face-shaped sheet fabrics soaked in nutrition-packed serums that target specific facial skin concerns from age spots and uneven skin tone, to blackheads and wrinkles. Read up about Skin Republic and African Oasis sheet masks and shop your favourites at selected Ackermans stores.

2. Brows

COVID-19 rules require us to cover our noses and mouths in public areas. Brows and eyes are the only areas not hidden behind a mask, so they’re the key focus of your spring makeup routine.
Brows frame your face, softening and balancing your look. Style them one of two ways:
• Neat and ready to go, which simply requires a quick brush and maybe some brow pencil to fill in.
• Detailed brow, requiring tweezers, a brush, brow pencil and some concealer.
Click for our easy steps to achieve the perfect brows .

3. Nails

Spring nails are super bold. Think textures such as glitter and foil, multi-colour ombre nails, or a French manicure with coloured tips. Our Be Fab range of nail polish has something for everyone. Follow our step-by-step guide to easy home manicures.

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Images: Getty/Gallo