Winter nail care tips

You take extra care of your skin in winter, but did you know that your nails also take a beating in cold weather?
The winter air dries out the moisture from your nails, making them brittle and prone to breaking. Also, these days you’re constantly having to sanitise your hands. Sanitisers contain alcohol, which dehydrates hands, cuticles and nails even more.

How to keep your nails healthy in winter

When you come home after a trip out, your hands will probably feel dry from all the harsh sanitisers. Simply wash your hands and apply your favourite cream or lotion – the thicker the cream the better. Apply cream on your hands up to three times a day, especially just before bedtime. This is a good habit to maintain even after winter because moisturising reduces signs of ageing on your hands.

Rub in cuticle oil regularly – either once daily or once every second day. You can use commonly found beauty oils, such as magnolia, coconut, olive and tissue oil, to gently massage and nourish cuticles. This moisturises your cuticles, strengthens nails and promotes nail growth.

Trim nails and shape them to encourage growth and keep them healthy. When applying nail polish, always start with a clear polish as the base coat to avoid staining and weakening the nail. Treat your nails with a pop of colour from our Be Fab range of nail polishes that are available from your nearest Ackermans store.  Go for deep purples, dark red colours and earthy brown tones that match the mood of the winter season.


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Images: Getty/Gallo