Cloth nappies are back!

Moms may be surprised to find cloth nappies back on the shelves, but the great news is that they’re not the soggy, leaky ones we might remember. Modern technology means the new ones have a stay-dry fleece liner that keeps baby’s bum dry.

Ackermans now stocks Bamboo Pocket Nappies. They’re waterproof, with a stay-dry inner suede cloth that’s shaped like a pocket to hold liners for added absorbency. The nappies are machine-washable and can be used again and again – so they’re also good for the environment.
Clean-up is easy. Simply line the nappy with a liner sheet that you can throw away after a soiled nappy. This leaves hardly any staining and you don’t need to soak and bleach. The cloth nappies also come with snap buttons so they’re adjustable. This means your baby can grow and still use the same nappy.

Why should I use cloth nappies?

cloth nappiesNatural
Cloth nappies do not contain the chemicals and perfumes that disposable nappies do. Natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo allow your baby’s skin to breathe, which reduces the chance of nappy rash.

Disposable nappies and wipes can end up costing well over R1 000 in just more than a month. With cloth nappies, you save more simply because you can reuse the nappy – you only have to throw away the soiled liners.

You’ll never run out of nappies or have to carry a bulky pack of disposable diapers when you go shopping. Without the need to soak and bleach cloth nappies, you keep things quick and simple.

Click here for a list of Ackermans stores where the Bamboo Pocket Nappies will be available.


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