Our perfect Father’s Day potjie

Add flavour to Father’s Day with our tips for the ultimate potjiekos. Whether you make it outside over a fire in a traditional potjie pot, or on the stovetop, these ingredients will work just as well.
Looking for a stew or potjie recipe to get you started? Find inspiration from this hearty oxtail stew or this easy to follow beef stew recipe.

How to take a potjie from good to extra yummy

Fresh or dried herbs give stews a distinct, hearty flavour. Always choose your herbs according to the meat you’re using. Rosemary goes well with red meat, while thyme works best with chicken. Herbs like parsley and coriander complement all types of meat.

Wine – if you choose to use it – enhances the flavour of a potjie. Red wine is perfect for beef, while white goes with chicken and seafood stews. Add no more than a half-cup to the stock in which you’re cooking the meat.
As an alternative to white wine, use a spoonful of white vinegar or the juice of one lemon. To substitute red wine, a half-cup of cranberry juice or a spoon or two of balsamic or brown vinegar will do fine.

You can use any veg for potjies and stews but be sure not to under- or overcook. Bear in mind how long it takes to cook particular vegetables so you can add them to the stew at the right time. For example, onion and peppers can go in first to add flavour when you’re braising the meat. Potatoes or butternut take about 15-20 minutes to cook (depending on how small you’ve diced them) so add them a little while after you’re halfway through cooking. Vegetables like baby marrow, broccoli and mushrooms cook quickly. To avoid overcooking, add them to the pot shortly before the potjie is ready.

For dessert, try this quick, delicious chocolate coffee cake recipe that’s bound to put a smile on Dad’s face.