Take some ‘me-time’ during lockdown

Lockdown requires you to be home with the family for an extended period – and while being together has its advantages, you still need time to yourself.

Don’t disturb mom!

If you have older children who don’t need constant supervision, identify a space in your home where you can be left alone. Let your family know when you’re taking mom time so they won’t disturb you. If you have smaller children, ask your partner, another family member or an older sibling to watch the younger ones while you relax for a while.

Get moving

As lockdown regulations relax, you’ll be able to leave the house at any time to exercise. Apart from being good for you physically, exercise is also beneficial to your mental health. It improves mood, lets you sleep better and reduces symptoms of stress. Avoid thinking about exercise as a means only to weight loss but rather time invested to your fitness and wellness. That way you won’t feel pressured to see the physical results.

Look good

You can’t visit the salon right now, but you can take care of yourself at home. Try painting your own nails or tackle an easy hair style using extensions, like this stylish crown braid. Now is the best time to invest in your skin so do follow your daily beauty regimen – and why not try out a DIY face mask?

Get enough sleep

Experts recommend for adults to get between 7-9 hours of sleep a day for overall health and to function better. It’s not unusual for sleep patterns to be interrupted when one is faced with stressors like those related to Covid-19. Take charge of you sleep and create a calming routine starting with setting a bedtime that you can honour each night. Add on to your routine by taking a long bath or quick shower to warm up, unwind and relax before bedtime. Struggling to sleep? Try drinking a soothing cup of tea such as chamomile or lavender tea and be sure to switch off all devices 45minutes before bedtime.

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