Games to play to keep your mind active

Hibernating at home can become extremely boring after a while. It’s not just your body that needs to stay active; your brain needs some kind of exercise or challenge too.

Here are some cool games to play on your phone that you can download from your App Store. Many of these games are free and you only need data to download them, then you can play offline. (However, if you do have data available, you can always play online by challenging friends or strangers from all over the world.)

If you like brainteasers

  • Crosswords – There are a number of different crossword options available. Most of them let you choose what level you want to start at and then you can climb as you improve your skills.
  • Scrabble – Test your spelling skills with the online version of the ultimate word board game.
  • Sudoku – If numbers are your thing, this online version will give you hours of fun as you try to fill each row and block with a number from one to nine.
  • Words with Friends – This word game is very similar to Scrabble – you create words and try to outsmart your opponents.

If you like mindbenders

  • Bubble Witch 3 – A bubble shooting game where you need to help a witch defeat the evil Wilbur. The aim is to burst as many bubbles as you can in a given time. Warning: It can be addictive!
  • Candy Crush Friends Saga – The original game that got so many people hooked, keeps getting updated. This version has better graphics and more levels. You need to crush the candy in the time frame to move to the next stage.
  • Cross Fingers – A puzzle game that will really test your imagination. You need to combine the brighter pieces of wood to fill the dark background shape and thereby complete the puzzle.

 If you like décor

  • Property Brothers – Drew and Jonathan Scott have a popular home makeover show on television, and their app allows you to redecorate clients’ homes virtually.
  • Gardenscapes – You play fun games to score points and then get to help a butler to restore a garden.
  • IKEA – IKEA is a massive furniture store found in many countries around the world. Their app allows you to design a room of your choice and then decorate it with whatever furniture you would like.

If you like being creative

  • Draw Something – Similar to the game Pictionary, this game gets you to draw something while your friends guess what it is.
  • One Touch Drawing – The challenge here is that you are not allowed to lift your finger as you draw the shapes. It’s fun and inspiring.

Create your own WhatsApp games

Create a games group on WhatsApp with your family or friends and play games like ‘Once upon a time…’ (you start with ‘Once upon a time…’ and the other members get 15 seconds to add lines), ‘Guess the title’ (choose either movie titles or songs, and the members have to guess the correct answer through clues using a selection of emojis), ‘In character’ (you pretend to be a character  by speaking as they do until someone guesses who you are pretending to be), ‘Would you rather…?’ (ask your friends a two-choice question like ‘Would you rather skydive or bungee jump?’).

Travel the world

You can still explore the world although you’re in isolation. Google is offering free virtual tours to over 1 200 museums across the world. Click here to start exploring.

Cooking and baking is another way to keep busy at home, click to see how you can easily make chocolate cake in the microwave.

Images: Getty/Gallo