Freedom Day craft: Make a South African flag

Draw and colour in the South African national flag this Freedom Day to show pride in our Rainbow Nation.

Colour yourself happy

Colouring-in helps develop your child’s fine motor skills and creativity. But did you know it’s also great for adults? It calms your mind, so it’s the perfect anti-stress activity and mood booster during our national lockdown.

How to draw and colour in the SA flag

The national flag of South Africa was first flown on 27 April 1994 –now known as Freedom Day. The design and colours of the flag – black, yellow, white, green, blue, and red – represent the diversity of our country.

You will need
• Blank A4-size sheet of paper (or any size that suits your)
• Pencil
• Crayons


• Draw a rectangle in a proportion of three in length to two in width – 18cm x 12cm is a convenient size.
• Using a pencil, divide the rectangle into three equal horizontal stripes,
• Join the four corners with a diagonal cross.
• On each side of the diagonal cross, which provides the centre line in each case, draw parallel lines. The distance between each set of lines should be one third of the width of the flag. Join the lines as shown.
• Within the V-shaped area, which extends from the corners at the flag post to the outer edge of the flag, draw a series of parallel lines. The distance between each line is one fifth the width of the flag. Join the relevant lines as indicated and erase the remaining pencil lines.

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Credits: Brand South Africa