Lockdown skin care guide

Here’s our guide to keeping your skin in tip-top condition during lockdown. While it may be some time before things get back to normal, you still want to look your best when you do step out.

 Get a cold start

Washing your face with cold water is a simple step you can take to get rid of early-morning puffiness. It tightens the pores and promotes blood circulation, making your skin look better overall. Celebrities over 40 like Naomi Campbell and Pharrell Williams swear by it to give themselves a youthful glow!

Stay hydrated

Drink at least two litres of water a day – to keep your skin properly hydrated. It’s easy to forget to drink water during a busy day, but it’s essential to improve the brightness and complexion of your skin.

 Listen to your gut

A healthy digestive system is vital for your physical and mental health, ability to fight off illness, and a healthy skin. For example, if you suffer from indigestion or any other gut-related issue, this may result in spots, inflammation and even eczema. A simple solution is to eat more high-fibre fresh fruit and veg such as spinach, beans, apples and corn, as well as cooked beans and lentils. It’s also best to avoid sugar and fried foods. Perhaps also take a probiotic supplement to balance the good and bad bacteria in your gut. Any pharmacy can help you find the right probiotic for you.

 Follow the one-minute rule

Give your face more than just a splash in the morning. Washing slowly and carefully for at least one minute will help you get the most out of your cleanser and improve the texture and appearance of your skin.

 Go make-up free

Skin specialists say that a month without wearing make-up will regulate your skin’s temperature, oil control, hydration, and its natural exfoliation process. Use this make-up-free time to wash your make-up brushes and get rid of any bacteria on them. Simply soak them in soapy water and remove any left-over make-up on them.

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Compiled by Rufaro Fanadzo
Images: Gallo/Getty