Fun stay home activities for children aged five to seven

With South Africa in a three-week COVID-19 lockdown, keeping your kids occupied can become a challenge. Don’t despair – we’ve got plenty of ideas to help you to keep them active.

Here are some ideas for children aged five to seven years.

  • Plant different seeds such as dried peas or butter beans in cups and check daily for growth. At the same time the kids will learn how to take care of their plants. Here’s a great idea as to how to do this.
  • Build an indoor obstacle course by taking blankets and pillows and piling them up at different places around the room and have the kids scramble over them and perform all sorts of exercises. The obstacle course can turn into an indoor tent at night, by draping the blankets over some chairs or a table, so that your kids can camp in the living room.
  • Build a castle together out of empty cardboard boxes and get them to decorate it.

  • Ask them to make their own fantasy treasure map based on a room in your house. Then, you can use the map to mark crosses on places where you have hidden some sweets for them to find.
  • Play dress-up and get them to create and perform their own puppet show. (They could use old socks to make the puppets.) They’ll love having an adult audience.
  • Have a dance party – turn up the music and let the kids twist, macarena, dance like their favourite animal or do their own thing. Don’t forget to join in – you’ll feel like a kid again too! Learn how to do the gumboots dance together.
  • Make paper airplanes and see how far they can fly. See how to make a basic plane here.
  • Turn your living room into a ‘shark-filled ocean’ where towels placed all over the floor are the only safe spots. The kids have to jump from one to the next without getting nabbed by a shark. Just remind them to be careful not to slip.
  • Bean bags or a foam ball are easy to throw and don’t cause any damage. The kids can take turns at throwing them into a laundry basket while keeping score. Learn how to make an easy bean bag here.
  • Traditional board games are always a winner. Snakes and ladders, Ludo, dominoes, or draughts are perfect. Some youngsters may be ready to learn to play chess too. Or help your kids to create their own board games.
  • Allow for some TV time which will give you a break as well. Most kids’ channels have shows that focus on learning as well. Be careful not to allow too much screen time. Instead, encourage them to look at books (or read if they are able) and have a story time hour as well.;;;;;
Image: Gallo/Getty