Work from home like a pro

Whether it’s your first experience working from home because of the COVID-19 lockdown or you occasionally already work from home, these tips will make sure you make the most of your space and stay productive.

Treat it like a workday

Approach your work week as you would if you were going to the office.

  • First decide on the time you will start working and stick to that time every day so that you get into a routine.
  • Just as you would usually, start your day with a bath or shower and change into comfortable clean clothes.

Find a productive workspace

Although it might be very tempting to work from your comfy bed, experts advise against it. In order to be productive and have a set routine:

  • Set area boundaries for work and for leisure. This means your place for relaxing and resting must only be for that. This way your body and mind will help you follow through with what needs to be done (working when you need to or resting when you need to).
  • Not every job requires a computer and desk (you might, for example, be a beaded-jewellery maker, a tailor or artist). The trick is to find a comfortable space for you to carry out your tasks.

How to set up your workspace

  • If you don’t have an office chair at home, use a comfortable chair with good back support like a dining room chair.
  • Choose an area with natural light close to it or place a lamp on your work area.
  • Arrange all your stationery at your desk area for easy access.
  • Make sure your computer is at a comfortable height to avoid straining your neck.
  • Decorate your work area with either a pot plant, fresh flowers from your garden or place a picture frame of your family and kids or a motivational quote.

Create a schedule

The key to being productive is preparation.

  • Outline your tasks for the day so that you can keep track of what has been completed and what still needs your attention.
  • Create a weekly schedule to stay ahead of your tasks. This also helps you to identify challenges which you can react to in time.

Take a break

Taking time off for a break ensures you come back ready and recharged to do your best.

  • Set out a time for tea breaks and lunch breaks.
  • If your job does not require you to work after hours then do switch off after each workday, just as you would at work.
  • Use your break to keep connected with your loved ones – chat to your family members at home with you in person, or catch up with friends or colleagues virtually over Whatsapp or other social media apps.


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