Top 3 feel-good make-up products

We asked you to tell us your most confidence-boosting make-up products and you answered. Now you can find all your favourites in store, from our range of Be Fabulous beauty products.Be Fabulous beauty products
Here are our expert tips to help you feel and look amazing.


Be Fabulous beauty products

Most of you said lipstick is your number one mood enhancer! Make the most of your lipstick with these tips:
• Lipstick sits best on exfoliated, hydrated lips.
Tip: After brushing your teeth in the morning, use the wet toothbrush to gently exfoliate your lips, then apply your lip balm.
• Don’t be afraid to play around by mixing shades. A bright red lipstick becomes edgy when you pair it with a brown lip liner. That same red lipstick can look sweet when lined with a pink liner – the options are endless.
• When choosing a lipstick colour, make sure it’s in harmony with the rest of your face. For example, if you’re doing a dark smokey eye, perhaps choose a lipstick in a nude shade.


Be Fabulous beauty productsFoundation literally forms the base of any make-up look. Keep this in mind when choosing yours:
• Ensure you choose the best one for your skin tone and skin type. If you have acne-prone skin, you might prefer a full-coverage foundation. However, if you tend to only get the odd pimple and blemish you might opt for a light- to medium-coverage foundation and a concealer.
• The tool you use to apply your foundation makes all the difference. Play around with different applicators. Some women prefer to use their fingers, a beauty blender or a brush.
• Start with a small amount of foundation and build on that. You can always add more where needed.


Be Fabulous beauty productsMascara can instantly take you from ordinary to gorgeous with one flick of a brush. Here are our top mascara hacks:
• When applying eye make-up it’s best to tilt your head back so you’re looking down. This ensures you don’t get creases in your eyeshadow or any mascara smudges.
• Wipe off any excess mascara on the brush in the tube.
• Never ever blow on your mascara wand (or any make-up applicator). It is unhygienic and can spread harmful germs from your mouth to your eyes and skin.
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