Looking for a side hustle?

For many people, earning an extra bit of income would go a long way to making sure all their financial responsibilities are taken care of. But what exactly would it take to have a side hustle that brings in the money?
One of the best ways to earn extra money is to turn a hobby or a skill into a business. Take a look at some ways you can turn your hobby into money:

Join the beauty industry

side hustle
If doing hair, nails and make-up is something that comes naturally to you, you could consider using your skill to make money. Start small by perfecting your skills and practise till you are confident enough to produce quality work. Or opt to get official training, where possible, by signing up for a short course so that you can get accreditation in your chosen field.
Once you’re ready, let all your followers on social media know and draw customers in by offering competitive prices and special offers.
Too shy to find your own customers or don’t have enough time to do your side hustle daily? Sign up as a service provider with companies like Dyme Beauty App, that offer mobile beauty treatments to their clients. (Search for them in your phone’s app store).

Get cooking

Are you a foodie that loves coming up with fresh ideas? Even though the food industry is quite competitive, there are still plenty of opportunities, especially if you offer tailor-made services. Think of hosting a pop up restaurant, baking speciality cake, hosting cooking classes, or bottling and packaging that well-loved homemade recipe of yours.

Use your free time wisely

Time is money and if you are lucky enough to have free time, use it to make some extra cash online or in the real world.
Some high schools and colleges find themselves short of invigilators at exam time. Ask your local schools and institutions about joining their invigilating team. Or join an online or mobile survey marketing research group.
However, always make sure it’s not a scam and don’t register with any website that asks for payment. Most companies will email you when they need you to complete a particular survey.Search for marketing research groups online or check your local newspapers.

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