Why we love Toughees

Every school day brings with it a variety of challenges, from playground scrapes to classroom high jinks. To keep up, kids need clothes that are not only comfortable (who can concentrate on maths when you have an itchy label or shoes that pinch your toes?) but also able to withstand the scuffles of childhood.

Having been a part of school life for generations of South Africans, Toughees has certainly proved itself equal to the task. It’s the little things that count: like how Toughees keeps that crisp, new look for longer, so your child can feel proud of their uniform. With details like reinforced pockets and increased durability, your little one will always look as if it’s the first day of school.

Toughees makes life easier for you, too. The machine washable range requires minimal ironing, so it’s easy to care for.

What’s tops about Toughees

Minimal Ironing. For busy moms, ironing school uniforms take up too much time. Keep it to a minimum with Toughees’ soft and long-lasting cotton-based school trousers and PT clothing – letting your kids learn and play confidently without excessive creasing! This way, you’ll have more time to spend helping with homework and enjoying quality time with your child, instead of using those precious hours ironing out wrinkles.

Trusted Quality. Toughees has always been the go-to brand for strong shoes that work hard on the playground and in the classroom – now you can get the trusted Toughees quality in clothing too!! When you buy a Toughees shirt, satchel or pair of trousers, you’re assured of the same high quality you’ve come to know and expect from South Africa’s favourite school brand.

Machine Washable. With machine-safe clothing from Toughees, you can simply throw school clothes in the wash – saving you time and effort! They’re also safe for hand-washing, offering you an affordable and practical way to keep your kids looking well groomed, as well as clean and confident!

Comfortable Fit. Kids need to move and play to learn, which is why all Toughees clothing is made with a tailored fit that’s perfect for movement and all-day comfort! Whether they’re out on the playground or sitting down to concentrate in the classroom, you won’t have to worry about scratchy, poorly cut clothing distracting them from the task at hand!

Reinforced Pockets. Every mom knows that kids’ clothing tends to get worn down in some places more than others and pockets are a prime example. Make sure your child’s pockets and school uniforms stay in tact with Toughees clothing that has reinforced stitching within the seam, perfect for long-lasting protection from loose threads and holes, and getting true value from schoolwear that lasts.

Colourfast. Every mom wants their child to look presentable at school, and we know, this boosts their confidence and helps them feel good about themselves. In light of this, Toughees uses colour-fast fabrics that keep their uniforms looking new for longer, with shades that don’t wash out and fade fast. So mom, it will be a long time before their schoolwear needs replacing for something brighter.

Reflective Strip. Keep your kids safe and highly visible with the super-reflective strip that’s attached to Toughees satchels. This way, you know that they’re just that extra bit safer when walking home from school or going between extra murals. Plus, your kids will thank you – as these bright stripes make the standard school bag look much cooler!

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