Easy lunchbox ideas for back to school!

Take the hassle out of going back to school by using this lunchbox menu for quick, affordable and delicious meals to pack inside your child’s lunch box.

Monday: Chicken and mayo

Turn your Sunday roast chicken into a delicious and protein packed sandwich
by using left over chicken ( preferably the breast area or whichever area your family usually avoids). Chop the chicken finely and add spoons of mayo, then layer it onto the bread.
Tip: Try to have leftovers in mind each time you make a Sunday roast and if need be, cut out the breast and keep for leftovers before serving your Sunday lunch.

Tuesday: Boiled egg mashed with avocado

A healthy boiled egg mashed with a little avocado, is great value for money and loaded with protein and good fats to keep tummies full.
Tip: Boil the egg the night before (while cooking dinner) to save time in the morning.

Wednesday: Fruit and Veg Bento Box

In this take of a Japanese classic, chop up seasonal raw veg into sticks such as carrots, cucumber and celery and pack it into one sided a divided lunch box. In the other lunchbox corners, add seasonal fruit such as berries or oranges and plums. For the protein, add biltong, a hummus dip or a boiled egg.
Tip: Prepare the bento box anytime you cook a supper that uses most of the vegetables of the bento box. This way you’ll be chopping all the vegetable in one go.

Thursday: Peanut butter and banana sandwich

Mash up half a ripened banana and add a spoon of peanut butter to add a healthier option of sweetness to a sandwich instead of jam.

Friday: Hotdogs

Make Fridays fun and pack something yummy and exciting like hotdogs. Whether you use chicken or pork viennas, your child will be sure to come back with an empty lunchbox.
Tip: Prepare the viennas the night before to save on time in the morning.

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Images: Freepik.