Back to school tips

These back to school tips will take the stress out of the new school year by helping you create
 a practical routine that you can stick to.

Get Ready

Prepare uniforms, school bags and anything else they might need the night before – get your kids into this habit to make the mornings easier.

Prepare lunches in advance – and let them help.

Get rid of the old. Welcome the new school year by going through the previous year’s essays and projects together and decide what’s worth keeping and what can be recycled.

Buy school supplies together. Make a shopping date with the kids and follow it with a small treat such as an ice cream.


Talk to them regularly about how their school day has been. Find out how much homework they have and whether they need help. Let them know they can always come to you.

Attend parent/teacher meetings. Your children need to be aware that you take an interest in their studies and that you are willing to help wherever you can.

Make bedtime earlier a week before school starts.

Make play dates a week or two before school starts so they can reconnect with friends they may not have seen over the holidays. This will help ease initial anxiety in the playground.

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