Four fun games to play at the beach

Planning a seaside holiday and not sure which games to play at the beach? While frolicking in the waves is great, there are tons of fun to be had on the sandy beach too. We’ve compiled four exciting games to play at the beach and the best part is, you don’t have to buy any props or toys!

1. Sandy bottle

You might have fond childhood memories of this truly South African game (‘ibhodlela’). Players compete to be the first to fill a bottle with sand. The original game incorporates dodge ball: Two players on opposite ends aim at the third player in the middle, who has to dodge the ball while filling the bottle with sand. If this is too difficult for younger kids, stick to only filling the bottle.
You will need:
Empty plastic bottles in the size of your choice, a soft ball (optional)
Tip: Remember to take the bottles home with you to avoid litter on the beach.

2. Three sticks on the beach

This is another South African gem. Players all start out by hopping over three sticks (laid out horizontally). After the first round of all players hopping over, the game intensifies. The last player must hop as far from the third stick as possible, to set a new jump goal for the team. Players who are unable to jump over the stick or who land on the stick, are eliminated.
You will need:
Three sticks

3. Beach hopscotch

Thought hopscotch was only for home? Take this game to the beach for a fun, interactive experience. Draw a hopscotch grid using a ruler or a stick. Instead of marking the numbers down, find beach objects like shells, rocks or pieces of seaweed to indicate the numbers on the corners of the grid. This way, the game starts out with a scavenger hunt on the beach for items to mark the grid. The aim of the game is for the player to toss an object like a seashell onto a numbered square. Then the player must hop on one leg through the grid to fetch the seashell.
You will need:
A stick/ruler, beach objects, sandals (if the sand is too hot).

4.Three-legged race

This fun challenge is all about teamwork. Pair children in teams of two by tying a beach towel around their right and left leg respectively so that the pair has three “legs”. The aim is to race to the finish line without falling over!
You will need:
Beach towels/ropes

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