Pack a baby bag like a pro!

Watching your baby grow to the stage where they are finally ready to step outside of the house with you, is exciting. While it’s great to have baby tag along on outings, packing their bag might be overwhelming because fitting everything into one bag can be a mission. We show you how to pack your baby’s bag like a pro!

List of things to pack inside the bag:

Choose a nappy bag that has functional features like a detachable baby changing mat, bottle holders, and product slots as seen in the Ackermans range of nappy bags.

    1. Nappies
    2. Wipes
    3. Baby bottles
    4. Blanket
    5. Spare baby romper
    6. Milk container
    1. Baby food
    2. Baby bum cream
    3. Steriliser

baby bag tips

  • When it comes to packing, ensure items frequently used are easily accessible, and the ones that are not needed as often, are at the bottom of the bag.
  • When packing the baby grows and bibs, consider rolling the items into a tight roll that goes at the bottom of the bag. Rolling items is a great way to save space. Then, roll-up the baby blanket and pack on top of the baby grows and bibs.
  • Next, pack in the nappies. If you’re unsure  how many nappies to pack for your outing then pack one nappy per hour you will be away for e.g. if you are going to the mall for three hours, then pack three.
  • Wipes and steriliser are the most used baby product for a quick clean. Pack those on top for quick and easy access.
  • Lastly, pack the bottles and food on the outside slots of the bag, this trick prevents any possible food stains. It’s convenient to rather pack small portions of food in a small container to save space.


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Compiled by Khanyisa Nkolwane/NMP
Photography by Shavan Rahim/NMP
Styling by Rufaro Fanadzo/NMP
Images: Getty/gallo