How to care for occasion dresses

Some of the prettiest and most precious clothing items in our wardrobes can be the most fragile and failing to take care of them could prove disastrous. Whether it’s delicate fabrics with sequins and lace, or items that have special detail like glitter, pleats, prints and beads, there is a way to ensure that they stay damage free.

Spot Cleaning

Sometimes your garment doesn’t need a complete wash but some special attention in one area caused by a stain. Over washing is the leading cause of fading and general wear and tear so where possible, opt to remove the stain instead of a complete wash.

Only attempt to spot clean fabrics that work well with being wet and rubbed. Velvet, for example, can be damaged easily. Start out by gently scraping any solid pieces off the stain, using the blunt edge of a butter knife or spoon. Take a clean piece of cloth or cotton wool, dip it into soapy water or fabric-friendly stain remover and then gently dab or rub the stain. Rinse the spot by dabbing and rubbing the area with a piece of clean cloth or cotton soaked in water. Allow to dry.


Garments with extra details like studs, beads and precious buttons require special attention. Always turn these items inside out before hand washing. For extra precaution, consider using another fabric to buffer the friction of a wash, for example, place the special garment inside a clean pillow case and wash together. This works to protect your items from rough handling. Never wash these items (including fabrics with glitter and screen-printed garment) in hot water as this may affect the glue in the fabrics. Avoid soaking these items so that the glue stays intact.

Always check the washing instruction on your item. If it says you must onlydry clean, then you will need to take youritem to the dry cleaner.

Drying and ironing

Always turn your special garments inside out when drying and ironing to avoid heat damage from the sun. Items like knits should be dried on a flat surface so as to keep their shape. When ironing do use another clean and light layer of fabric (like a pillowcase) to use as a buffer.


Separate special items and pack them away as soon as they’ve dried to avoid keeping them with the rest of your laundry which may not be completely dry. This is to ensure that they are never stored damp which may cause rusting or a loss in quality of the print. Keep pleats in great condition by storing them inside an old stocking.

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