5 Style Tips for Boys

Boys’ fashion is more than a pair of pants and a shirt. Key details and styling tips can put your boy above the rest. Read below our top style tips for boys.

 1. Socks

Socks are a focal point in men’s fashion. Make sure to get him socks that make a statement.
From polka dot prints to stripes, socks are really where the party is at.
Turn up the chinos so your socks can be on show.

 2. Suspenders

Whether on jeans or formal pants, suspenders add personality to a look. Top off the look with fedora or get him to channel his inner Dr. Malinga by putting together a short pant suit look. Suspenders are a great way to dress up a look. Make sure that the style and colour of the suspenders compliments the whole look.
For example if sporting a black suspender with gold detail you might want to match it to a black belt with a gold buckle.

 3. Shoes

Whilst a man will typically wear a suit with formal shoes, when it comes to boys the rules are meant to be broken. Smart sneakers add an urban flavour to a formal look.
An everyday shorts and tee gets on another level when styled with sliders and statement socks.

4.  Sleeves

Turn up sleeves especially for smart long sleeved linen shirts.
We love this rustic way of styling. It is so boho

 5. Button Up

The way in which a shirt is buttoned up, subtly changes the vibe of an outfit. Buttoned all the way up is very formal and perfect for church, weddings and funerals but leaving 1 to 3 buttons undone makes an outfit more laidback.

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