Fun games that stimulate your toddlers brain

From a toddler’s point of view, the world is one big playground and adventure awaits around every corner. So, while they might appear to be just playing or being downright “naughty “, what your toddler is actually doing is learning fundamental building blocks that are important for their development.

Here are some physiotherapist-approved games for you and your toddler, using objects you can find easily around your home

Before you start, always make sure your toddler learns and plays in a safe and structured environment.

Age: 12+ months

Game: Rolling a ball
Ask your toddler to stack a tower of plastic cups. From a short distance away, encourage them to roll the ball to knock over the tower.
Lesson: Gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Age: 18+ months

Game: Sensory box
Collect a few large containers or small round buckets. Fill each with a different sensory element, such as sand, leaves, cotton wool, bunched up newspaper, small stones, etc. Help your little one to step from one container to another. Let them put their hand in and ask what they feel. Then help them put one foot in die container and ask them what they feel. Fill the last one with water to wash off and let them hop onto a towel to dry their feet.
Lesson: Sensory exploration, encourages awareness.

Age: 2-3 years

Game: Treasure hunt
Walk around the house, garden or neighbourhood and let them collect treasures in a bag. Let them choose the treasure. It can be anything – leaves, rocks, sticks and even soil. After the hunt, ask them to sort and match the treasure into colours, sizes or shapes.
Lesson: Exploration and teaches sorting and matching.

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Compiled by Samantha Rosie

Credits: Getty / Gallo