Four reasons why video games are beneficial to your child

While it may be worrying to have a child that is obsessed with playing video games, research shows there are some great benefits of playing these games.

Provided that your child’s gaming is monitored, here are the benefits:

1. Improves problem-solving skills

Video games come with rules and instructions that require the player to think carefully and quickly before making any moves. Making quick decisions while following the rules encourages decision-making and problem-solving skills, which are tremendously beneficial for children and adults.

2. Enhances memory

When your child plays their favourite video game, they need to remember either the things they see or the sounds they hear in order to win the game. In a way, the game becomes a short-term memory test, which is great for promoting brain activity and improving memory.

3. Improves attention and concentration
Playing action video games for a long period of time means your child’s attention and concentration is being tested and used. Practising this level of attention and concentration means your child may be capable of concentrating in other activities too.

4. Teaches social skills

Most video games, like Fortnite, allow players to play together, either in teams or against each other. This encourages teamwork, communication and in some cases builds friendship, which are all great for your child’s development.

But it is extremely important for parents to monitor video games in order to reap the benefits. Ways to monitor include making sure the games are age appropriate, as well as limiting the amount of time your child spends on gaming.

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