Beauty on the go

Beauty-on-the-go tutorial

Always start any make-up look by applying some foundation to even out your skin tone.

Ok, now for some killer brows and striking eyes!

Step 1:
Start off by applying foundation on your face, then brush your brows upwards and fill them in with a pencil. Set your brows with the brow shadow.

Step 2:
Apply the lightest shade of eyeshadow over your whole eyelid; then pat the darkest shade of eyeshadow into the crease of your eyelid. Make sure to blend the eyeshadow for a professional finish.

Step 3:
Add eyeliner and mascara to emphasise your eyes even more. And finish off the look with a little blush on your cheeks and a swipe of lipstick.

Looking your best is as easy and quick as that!

Below are some multi-tasking products available at selected Ackermans stores.


The brow kit

Be Fabulous make-up range by Ackermans

The brows are the stars of the face and need to be treated as such. Our Be Fabulous brow kit’s compact size and simple design make it super easy to quickly get your brows on fleek.

 The highlighter kit

Be Fabulous make-up range by Ackermans

Our Be Fabulous highlighter kit is perfect for warming up a dull, winter complexion.


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