She’s her own kind of princess

If there’s one thing Disney princesses have taught the world, it’s the simple fact that being yourself and true to yourself, unlocks the greatness in you. Which is why it is important to let your little girl know that, in a world full of different personalities, there is no need to try to fit in when she can stand out by being herself.

Take a look these personality types to see if they match your daughter’s personality and see how you can encourage her to be her own kind of princess.

Sensitive and shy

While she may not want to be the centre of attention, she certainly pays attention to her surroundings. An introverted or shy child typically spends a lot of time observing the world around her. This develops the skills to observe and focus, which are key ingredients for a bright future. Help her come out of her shell and boost her confidence by accepting her personality and encouraging her interests.

Physically active or brave

Some may refer to this personality type as a “tomboy”. If she’s fearlessly climbing trees and skating away, celebrate and encourage her energy by channelling it into activities that will continue to challenge her. Whether it’s signing her up for a sports team or supporting her interests, this will boost her confidence and encourage her to always remain brave.

Charming and chatty

A natural performer, this personality type loves being the centre of attention. Encourage her sense of fun by challenging her to perform and explore her strengths. Do acknowledge her efforts – this will boost her confidence and equip her to find balance in life.

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