Buying for a baby shower

An invitation to a baby shower is exciting until you realise you have to buy a gift. Buying a gift can be quite difficult especially for a baby that you have no idea whether it’s going to be a girl or a boy.

Before you buy a gift card out of frustration, here is something to consider – buy something neutral.

Babygrows in neutral colours, such as rust, white, grey and black, are the perfect gift for baby showers. Here are our top three reasons why neutral coloured baby clothing is a great gift:

  1. Even if the expecting couple have mentioned if it’s a boy or girl, it’s always best to buy safe and go for something that would be suitable for both genders. Surprises have been known to happen!
  2. Neutral colours are elegant, they never go out of style and they’re versatile since you can add a pink bow or blue bib.
  3. Another bonus is that the parents can pass the clothes on to their next child or a close friend.

The footless leggings in our range of neutral coloured clothing allow the baby to move easier and can grow with him/her.

So, if you prefer buying items that are investments, neutral colours are the perfect way to go.

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Photographer: Shavan R /NMP
Model: Casey J/ CCA
Grooming: Amori/Supernova
Copy: Khanyisa Nkolwana