Three-day holiday challenge to keep your child busy over the holidays

This fun three-day challenge is all about school holiday activities that will ensure your child makes the most of their holidays so that they are entertained, active and engaged.

Day 1: Switch off
A study done by Common Sense media reveals that “98% of kids eight years and younger live with mobile devices and a TV in the home. About 49% of children watch television or play video games within one hour of bedtime, and 42% of parents admitted that the TV is on for most of the time at home”.
Your challenge for day one is to ensure your children spend at least one full hour switched off from technology (this includes all devices plus TV and radio). Switch off the TV and let the kids do the following:
• Read a book or magazine. For younger children, bring out their favourite story books for an extended period of story time.
• Complete a puzzle or lay out pencils and crayons for them to colour in and draw.
• For older kids, board games like snakes and ladders, Monopoly, Scrabble or 30 Seconds can keep them occupied well over an hour.

Day 2: Get active
Children of all ages need physical activity because it promotes their general health and it’s great for their growth and development. On day two, challenge yourself and your child to the following physical activities:
• A family walk, jog or cycle.
• A fun trip to the park.
• If you’re indoors: Make space to set up a dance-off to each other’s favourite songs. This can be interchanged with a skipping and hula-hoop challenge.

Day 3: Cook together
Cooking is a great way to bond with your children, both young and old. It encourages team work while also teaching responsibility. Get together in the kitchen to make their favourite meal or treat. If you’re looking for ideas, how about:
• Pancakes
• Biscuits or a cake
• Smoothies

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