Colours trending now

This season we are loving vibrant trendy colours. Prepare to be blown away with hues that will brighten up dreary Winter days and have you looking forward to bright sunny skies.

Blue & Red

Nautical shades of Red and blue are back with a bang.
These bright shades work well separately as the focal point of an outfit and together they are an iconic match. Pair a blue & white striped tee with a pair of jeans and red pumps. For old school glamour, finish this look off with a pair of gold studs & cherry red lips.

Yellow & Green

Yellow & green is the unconventional colour combination that surprisingly works! It is a fresh look that you did not know you needed.
Subtly introduce it to your wardrobe through prints. For a more fashion forward and bold look, rock your green printed tee with a pair of yellow pants.

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Copy: Rufaro Fanadzo