Colours trending now

Rust/burnt orange:

Bright and energetic, rust and burnt orange tones are high up on our list of “must-have colours” to wear this season. Besides the fact that these shades suit all skin tones, they also promise to infuse your wardrobe with vibrancy. Not only do they look fabulous together, but they will also pair well with all your basics, such as denim, black and neutrals.

Feeling blue? So are we! Navy blue adds sophistication to any outfit and it’s really the most versatile colour to have as it goes with virtually any colour combo. If the thought of blue doesn’t really excite you, then remember that there are different variants of this shade – from a royal navy blue to deep indigo. Find the shade that you love!


Yellow tones are often associated with optimism and happiness. If dull winter days are bringing you down, why not brighten your look with a pop of ochre in an accessory or use radiant ochre as the star of your look.

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