Achieving a winter glow with tissue oil

The benefits of  tissue oil are amazing and it’s no wonder that tissue oil is one of the most relied upon skincare oil in the beauty industry.
The EAD Tissue oil range of products is made from a combination of good oils from a variety of plants, including almond, sunflower, argan, jojoba, vitamin A and vitamin E oils. It’s great for rehydrating skin, especially during the dry and cold winter months. Use it on its own by applying it directly onto your skin, mix it with your usual body moisturiser or put a few drops in your bathwater – whatever you prefer, tissue oil is great for nourishing dry skin.

Here are some ways to include tissue oil in your beauty routine:

1. To reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your stomach, breasts and thighs, massage some tissue oil gently into the affected areas before applying EAD Tissue Oil Body Butter or your regular body cream.
Stretch marks are a natural appearance in many women’s bodies, especially during pregnancy, and while no product has been proven to prevent or remove stretch marks altogether, tissue oil is known to limit and improve the appearance of it for some women.

2. To reduce the appearance of any scars, such as burn marks or operation scars (like a C-section scar or scars from stitches), regularly apply EAD Tissue Oil directly onto the affected area. Remember that while some scars might never go away completely, tissue oil can help to reduce the appearance to a degree.

3. To get glowing skin with an even skin tone, use EAD Tissue Oil daily after washing your face and then follow it up with a trusted face cream. If you find it makes your skin too oily, only apply it on your cheeks, which tend to dry out more easily, and avoid your T-zone, which tends to get oily during the course of the day.

4. To soothe dry or cracked skin on your feet, knees or elbows, gently massage tissue oil into the affected areas. Follow-up with your EAD body butter for extra hydration.

Ready for your winter glow? Browse our range of nourishing body creams and oils before heading out to your nearest store.