How to take care of your feet this winter

Your skin, including your feet, needs extra TLC during the colder months. Put your best foot forward this winter by taking care of your feet in three easy and relaxing steps.

1. Give dry and cracked heels some deep moisturising

Rub a generous amount of Vaseline on your feet, or use any type of oil you prefer, like coconut or olive oil. Wear socks over the lubricated feet for as long as you can. This deep moisturising treatment is the perfect bedtime routine as it will not only allow your feet to soak up all the moisture overnight but also keep them warm and cosy. You can do this treatment every week or as often as your feet need it.

2. Do a DIY pedicure

Spoil yourself at home with this happy feet routine:

  • Start out by removing nail polish from your toenails and trimming them.
  • Show your feet some love by soaking them in warm water. Add a bit of fragrant bath salt to add to the home spa experience.
  • After soaking, the skin on your feet is ready for a gentle scrub to get rid of dead skin. A gentle scrub using a pumice stone or a nail brush works well to revive tired feet.
  • File and shape your toenails and push back the cuticles around the nails.
  • Finish off the pedicure by massaging a moisturising oil, such as tissue oil or baby oil, into the cuticles to keep them moisturised.

3. Put on a pair of flat and comfy snug boots

snug boots

Ackermans snug boots

Snug boots are flat and fluffy, which means they give loads of comfort and warmth. End off your foot pampering routine by putting on a pair of comfy snug boots. Get them in a range of bright colours that bring in a cheerful pop of colour during grey cloudy days, and choose either a long pair of snugs, mid-calf or our favourite, the ankle snug. Click to browse our winter snug boots collection.

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Image: Gallo Images / Getty Images