The benefits of laughter

We all love a good laugh. Whether it’s your little one making your chuckle, a catch up with a good friend that leaves you laughing out loud, or your favourite TV show that’s got you in stitches – laughter is really the best medicine.
According to Bernard Saper in a paper he wrote for Psychiatric Quarterly, the ability to maintain a sense of humour and the ability to laugh, can act as positive coping mechanisms to help a person get through difficult times.
There are many scientific studies and therapies about laughter and below we’ve rounded up three of the top reasons why laughter is beneficial to your body.

Three benefits of laughter

1.It is an immune boosterStress has dangerous negative effects on the body while laughter on the other hand has positive effects on both mental and physical health. Laughter boosts the immune system because it promotes the release of T-cells, which are specialised immune system cells that fight off sickness. Laughter has been shown to both lower blood pressure and improve blood flow, both of which lead to better cardiovascular health and reduce your chances of suffering a heart attack or stroke.

2.It is a stress reliever
According to researchers of a 2017 study in Advances in Physiology Education, laughter stimulates chemicals in the body that decrease levels of stress hormones. Levels of cortisol and epinephrine as well as dopamine, known as the ‘feel-good hormone’, increase when we laugh.

3.It helps us to socialise and bond better
It’s no secret that people who are able to bring a genuine smile to others, are readily welcomed in social settings. This is because smiling and laughing relax the mood and encourage people to be comfortable around each other.

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